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We are an organization located in Monterrey that responds to the most urgent needs of migrants, promoting their human rights and supporting them through humanitarian aid, civic education, and academic research.


To provide migrants with the sustainable infrastructure that they need; to connect with other organizations to address the protection and defense of the human rights of migrants; to be a leader in the promotion of dignity and empowerment for migrants.

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  • Solidarity
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Justice
  • Multiculturalism
  • Human Rights


We provide food, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, medical services, legal advising, and pastoral work. We receive migrants in our house, where they can wash, eat, receive clothing or footwear, and interact with our volunteers.

We are presently operating from  a temporary residence (we meet the migrants in designated stops along the railway), and we are working towards creating a shelter for migrants.

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Currently we distribute about 650 meals every month and provide legal advice to about 30 migrants. The hostel that will soon be built will have capacity for 100 people.

Legal advice: Casa Monarca has a legal team that advises migrants and helps with administrative procedures and lawsuits in cooperation with the National Migration Institute.

Civic education and awareness: The Casa Monarca team offers introductory courses on Human Rights and the topic of migration in various institutions.