IMG_20170516_133459_800                                                                                       FULFILLED AND SURPASSED MY EVERY HOPE

I came to Casa Monarca hoping to learn more about migration and gain some experience working in a human rights organization, as well as improve my limited Spanish skills. I had heard about Casa Monarca’s amazing work from friends, and my expectations were high; nevertheless, I was completely blown away by my time here. I got everything I hoped for and much, much more. The directness and intimacy of the Casa Monarca experience–meeting migrants, hearing their stories, personally delivering humanitarian aid–was extremely powerful. The staff and fellow volunteers were extraordinarily kind, and I felt that everyone was making a genuine effort to help me feel comfortable and content, not to mention help me practice my Spanish. Luis Eduardo, who runs Casa Monarca, checked up with me daily to make sure I was happy and fulfilled with the projects I was working on, and to discuss new projects with me, making sure to tailor my activities at Casa Monarca to my interests. Since I had a lot of freedom to choose what I wanted to work on–research, communication projects, humanitarian aid–every day was engaging, exciting, and new. Casa Monarca immediately supported any project ideas that I had, and there was always someone from whom I could ask for help. My time at Casa Monarca has had a truly profound impact on me, and has ignited a passion for human rights that I know will change the course of the my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the amazing people of Casa Monarca!

~Tamara Shamir, age 20